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As Democrats struggle for a foothold in this presidential race, I can all but envision this campaign trail being terrible. You just know these campaigns are going to churn out some really mundane political attack promos. I’m nervous of what our future holds with homelessness getting out of control, spiraling debt and excessive spending in the wrong places. We are in need of some serious change that no party has offered since JFK was in office. JFK wanted to put people on the moon but now our country just wants to sit here and let other countries do all the groundbreaking stuff. The lack of drive in our country today is a big reason why we have the problems we do. We are all chasing objects and money without thinking about what will be etched on our tombstones. If you want to be known as the dude that owned a 67′ Mustang then by all means, do what you gotta do… but I’m shooting for building something that changes the world for the better and raising good kids.

It was in my teen years you look for easy ways out of both working and building real relationships. You just get this feeling growing up in America that (just like fast food) things are replaceable.

Don't like your car? Buy a new one. 
Don't like your job? Find a new one.
Don't like your wife? Marry a new one.
Don't like your president? Elect a new one.

Growing up in the big cities gives you an ephemeral feeling about ones self and worth. With so many people in a metropolitan city, living off of other peoples wealth becomes an easy task. In a small town, I’m sure people will extend more help to homeless and actually try to help them instead of letting them have a free ride. Thats not to say small towns don’t have drug or crime problems, in fact they might have more in some cases per-capita than to larger cities. It’s just that when you have a population of people who don’t need to work, then why would they. Why would little Johnny Bananas in mom’s basement get his shit together when he’s got a free ride and healthcare till 26 under mommy/daddys healthcare plan. It’s not that I’m upset at people who have mental illness, PTSD, etc. It’s that I see people my age or older who have not achieved their true potential.

Productivity comes from creating something and everyones too busy using it to make anything of their own.

They call them “users” for a reason.

We are all addicted to FB, Twitter, IG, E-mail, Slack, Reddit, and the countless other time-sucking websites/apps that just blow all our time. Just like in Idiocracy the movie, people truly do “like money” and will just go with any decision that fits their agenda rather than their common-sense. Just like how some Newspapers and Media outlets push ideas that fits their narrative. We all go with what we think is “right” and I’ve been right probably 10% of the time in my life. I’m not sure any one single person has every known every “right” answer in life except Jesus. We are not perfect and shouldn’t aspire to be, but we can do our best. When we use our best judgement at the polling booths, it can become very polarizing. I never seem to get all the real info I need to hear from both sides to make a proper choice. I’ve done hours of research in previous election questions only to get more info after the election that would’ve swayed me.

Voting today has got to the point of utter madness. Going to a voting booth doesn’t require you to even show your drivers license if you have the mailed ballot. This allows for unprecedented fraud in our elections that undermines our democracy. People want to point the fingers outside of the United States for voting fraud but it’s people inside our own walls we should be pointing at. I’ve had a voting machine select another answer that I didn’t select. Even though they didn’t ask for identification, they did ask for a signature but the damn touch pad on these things are so bad that my signature just came out as a bunch of lines darting straight out in random directions. The entire election seemed hackable from so many directions that there probably was some monkey business in the 2016 election. Now we are approaching 2020 and a brutal race ahead.

Here is to guns, alcohol, weed, and anti-depressants! 
Get your lawn chair and post up, it's gonna be a good one.