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Brexit, Biden and Buttigieg, Oh my!

What a cluster fuck.

Seriously, like we have Brtian going rouge and following America’s footsteps into individualism/protectionism. In our modern age, we have the ability to live on our own. No need for Joe to the Farmer for our meat or Jane the Harvester for our fruits. We just roll on down to Mr. Albertsons/Ralphs and pick up what ever we want (that they allow us to choose) and we move along our merry way thinking we are in control of the whole world from our breezy little fingertips. Our destiny is fucked.

Our economy is doing really well right now and we are entering the hot zone. AKA the point when things get little too speculative and everything ends badly (probably still months away). Wether it is a global debt crisis or war, some shit is gonna hit the fan soon.

Guests, Like Fish, Being to Smell after 3 Days

Ben Franky-boi

How long can you go pissing off the whole world as colonial pigs before we get poked back. If we think we are so resilient then we have a hard awakening to prepare for. I’ve been sitting in my car driving my kids to/from school and all while tuned in on 88.9 KNPR. Live coverage of the impeachment hearings are happening right now and all I can think about is how fucking ridiculous both parties sound at this point. Soooooooo desperate for air time and tid-bits of quotes to stick into the web-o-sphere.

I’ll call it now, Trump is going to win the 2020 election.


Cause the Democrats are too busy pointing the finger at each other and pushing us too far left. There is a balance in life with all things, we can never lean too hard one way or the other. If we do, then we are no better than the Nazi Party. We need to respect and listen to each other on the issues but Washington D.C. is filled with fucktards and knuckleheads. All the good candidates for the D party are wayyyyy tooo low!!!

Buttigieg is claiming "I'm 100% the Nominee" based off Lizzo's lyrics. Who the fuck allowed this to happen.

I’m going to sell a majority of my stocks soon in anticipation for a collapse after the election. At this point, I don’t think it matters who wins the election. Shit is going to the hit the fan. No fucking doubt. Things are too high and we are too “mighty”. Other countries are in turmoil while we sit in our LazyBoys watching Netflix. It’s little crazy that we are so wealthy as a country but yet most of the wealth goes to DEATH. Why the fuck are we dealing with homeless populations and drug issues? Because our society is designed to fuck the average person. The person that wants to provide for their family and have fun. THERE IS NO MORE ROOM FOR FUN.


I’m not sure how to turn the titanic around but I want to run for office as a Libertarian . Maybe I could fucking bring back the Freak Party and we can create a government ran Silk Road, crush regulations, free prisoners worthy of society with 1-on-1 screenings, create jobs by introducing a federal start-up program for young people exiting high-school, and introduce shipping containers and other reusable housing to our communities. WW3 is right around the corner if we keep this “It’s time to do us” mentality instead of building bridges. Let us shake hands instead of shaking our heads.